The Future Of Glass!

After attending one of our monthly T.A.B Lowcountry board meetings, we were inspired to share this video. This entertaining viral video is a great example of just how fast technology is evolving everyday! Not like we aren't too far off from this, but picture living your life at the touch of a button anywhere you... Continue Reading →

Moonlighting Installs Custom Playground Lights

Recently Moonlighting was presented with the opportunity for a little creativity in our lighting design, for a client in Mount Pleasant. The home owner expressed his desire to illuminate a playground, in his backyard for his young children. After evaluating the site, we determined the best way to add some light would be to mount... Continue Reading →

Practicing Proper Maintenance with Moonlighting

After Moonlighting was called in for a recent service call, our service technician noticed a furry little friends contributions to the landscape lighting. A squirrel had been relentlessly gnawing on the wiring that was mounted on the tree, powering a down light. Seeing the condition of the wire after it was brought back to the... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Moonlighting Design!

In celebration of the summer and the start of the "busy season", we thought we would take a minute to post this video to demonstrate our speedy design process here at Moonlighting! This YouTube clip is pretty spot on, as far as how quickly our designers and office staff are able to produce for our... Continue Reading →

Transformer Installation Tips with Moonlighting

During a recent system re-vamp, part of the project involved the re-mounting of the existing transformers. When the system was initially installed  the transformers were mounted separately from each other and over time the organization of the wire had become tangled and unorganized. It is important when mounting the transformer(s) that they are located in... Continue Reading →

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