Illuminating a Beautiful Kiawah Island Landscape

Recently Moonlighting installed a landscape lighting system for one of our newest clients, at their home on Kiawah Island. We were able to work closely with the clients, as they expressed several elements of their landscape that were very important to them. They left it up to Moonlighting to provide them with a design that they would be able to enjoy for many years to come!  The landscape consisted of some beautiful existing live oaks, as well as some planted palms and crape myrtles. The additional landscaping work was done by Green Jeans Landscapes, of Johns Island. Green Jeans did an amazing job of the placement and arrangement of the landscape, which allowed Moonlighting a great opportunity for lighting. Because the landscape design was so elegantly executed, we were able to provide our clients with a very subtle, yet balanced landscape lighting design.

In regards to the project, the homeowners went on to say “As if by magic, you have transformed the night-time appearance of our home. The result, even more beautiful than we anticipated. The project was achieved on time, on budget, and with full commitment to our stated objectives. Your work and creativity enhance our home and make living in it even more pleasurable.”

The homeowners displayed great enthusiasm and passion for the project, which in return made Moonlighting very proud to have made this such a wonderful experience for them. We invite you to scroll through the project slide show, and enjoy some of the night shots we were able to capture after the project had been completed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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