Keeping Freshfields Village Maintained to Perfection

In the Spring of 2005, Moonlighting completed the landscape lighting installation in the Freshfields Village on Johns Island. Freshfields is located at the crossroads of Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island. It’s a great combination of retail shopping, and restaurants for all of it’s patrons to enjoy.

The system has been installed now for 6 years and remains in impeccable condition. Freshfields has allowed Moonlighting the opportunity to maintain the system on a monthly basis since the  original installation. The system is composed of both line voltage as well as low voltage fixtures. The real key to an efficient and properly running system is consistently practicing proper maintenance techniques. With the harsh conditions that a landscapes faces in the lowcountry, landscape lighting is as susceptible as any other aspect of the outdoors . With a steadfast maintenance program a landscape lighting system will flourish amongst a landscape for years to come. This was a great project for Moonlighting to be a part and we want to thank Freshfields for the dedication that they put into their landscape lighting system. We invite you to scroll through our gallery of night shots through out the Freshfields Village.

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