Moonlighting Installs Custom Playground Lights

Moonlighting Installs Custom Playground Lights

Recently Moonlighting was presented with the opportunity for a little creativity in our lighting design, for a client in Mount Pleasant. The home owner expressed his desire to illuminate a playground, in his backyard for his young children. After evaluating the site, we determined the best way to add some light would be to mount two new lights on the playground itself from above.

Lighting the playground from above would allow the lights to be out of the way of the children, as well as less of a maintenance hazard. One light was mounted on the far end of the playground while the other light was mounted directly above the slide. After the lights were mounted, we were able to run the wire through some mounted PVC pipe. By mounting the wire in pipe, it safely keeps the wire from being accessible to the children, and protects the wire from any wear and tear that it might endure. The lights were mounted and positioned to where the lighting was evenly dispersed, to help wash the playground and make it a safer play environment in the evening hours.

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