Practicing Proper Maintenance with Moonlighting

Call and Schedule Your Yearly Inspection Today!

After Moonlighting was called in for a recent service call, our service technician noticed a furry little friends contributions to the landscape lighting. A squirrel had been relentlessly gnawing on the wiring that was mounted on the tree, powering a down light. Seeing the condition of the wire after it was brought back to the office, it was clear that the squirrel was definitely enjoying himself with our wiring!

A yearly inspection of your landscape lighting can prove to be extremely beneficial. In cases such as this one; you may not be aware of the current state of the wiring,  powering your tree lights. Moonlighting provides a full service maintenance plan, designed to keep your landscape lighting system operating at its maximum potential. Maintenance plans can be specifically tailored to your system and scheduled for prompt execution. Contact Moonlighting Landscape Lighting Systems today and schedule your yearly landscape lighting inspection today. Feel free to contact our office, “like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter!

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