Transformer Installation Tips with Moonlighting

During a recent system re-vamp, part of the project involved the re-mounting of the existing transformers. When the system was initially installed  the transformers were mounted separately from each other and over time the organization of the wire had become tangled and unorganized. It is important when mounting the transformer(s) that they are located in a spot that is convenient to the available receptacle. Another important element is that all wiring coming in and out of the transformer are properly labeled, identifiable, organized and securely harnessed. Organized wiring is always makes it easier for any future maintenance or diagnosing.

At Moonlighting we make it a point to keep the transformer installation process as neat and orderly as possible.  When the job was complete the transformers were re-mounted next to each other,  and the wiring was organized and mounted/piped on the surface.  Feel free to contact Moonlighting today if your transformer could use some re-working or your landscape lighting might need some attention. We can also be found now on Facebook and Twitter!

A before shot of the existing transformers.
And after... An organized and stable transformer is a happy transformer.

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