About Us

Moonlighting is based out of Charleston, South Carolina, an historic city famous for its’ beautiful gardens and majestic homes.  Here, home and garden design are vital to the lifeblood of the city, attracting millions of visitors each year.   Moonlighting is proud to have been selected to design the lighting for hundreds of Charleston’s most beautiful private homes and gardens as well as some of its most famous historical and culturally important public places. 

Moonlighting was founded in 1992.  Michael Rollins, President of Moonlighting started his first business at a young age cutting lawns and trimming hedges, and in a sense he’s been in the garden ever since!  While in college at Virginia Tech, Michaels’ entrepreneurial spirit continued when he started his own design/build company.  He graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture.  His first after college job was with Smithfield Gardens under the tutelage of a talented horticulturist by the name of Bill Pinkham. 

It was with Smithfield Gardens that Mike first became fascinated with the potential of lighting to enhance a home or garden.   Again motivated to do his own thing, in 1992 he moved to Charleston and started Moonlighting.  As his business grew he turned to Trident Tech and hired his first employee from their Horticulture program.  For many years Moonlighting was known as the largest employer of Trident Tech Horticulture grads in the Lowcountry!

One of those Horticultural grads was Doug Wickenhoefer, who is now a partner in Moonlighting.  Doug moved to Charleston in 1964 at age 6, when his father was reassigned to the local Navy Base.  After graduating from school, Doug spent 20 years working in the Charleston Navy Shipyard, first as an Apprentice, then Master Shipfitter, Nuclear Inspector and finally Shipfitter Supervisor.  In 1996, when the Naval Base came on hard times, Doug re-schooled at Trident Tech and graduated from their Horticulture program.  That’s where Mike found him, and the rest … as they say … is history. 

Over the years, Moonlighting’s client list has grown to over 1300, primarily from referrals from landscape architects and builders as well as very pleased customers!  Their focus is now as it was in the beginning, to utilize lighting in unique and creative ways to enhance and capture the spirit of a setting. 

Why Moonlighting?

We are not a franchise offering cookie cutter solutions, nor are we part of a large landscaping contractor organization.  Our business is lighting design, and only lighting design.  We don’t come with a big sales pitch.  We come with extraordinary experience working with low voltage and  high voltage systems, from high end residential to a variety of commercial properties.  We have customers on the east coast as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as Nassau, Bahamas. 

We’re located in Charleston South Carolina, a city known for its beautiful and historic private and public places.   We are the light designer of choice for many of the most discerning homes and gardens in Charleston as well as some of its most prestigious and historic public places.

When we take on a project, we bring our artists eyes and a deep appreciation for architectural and landscape structure.  Our lighting goal is to create a unique experience through light tailored to a specific setting.  And we offer exceptional follow-up, with service and maintenance plans tailored to each clients’ individual needs.

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