Revitalizing A Familiar Downtown Garden

For the second time, Moonlighting  has helped in the revitalization of a familiar downtown Charleston garden. This King Street property is one we've become very familiar with over the years as we were part of the design team that first overhauled this space in 2010. Almost a decade later, we were fortunate enough to team... Continue Reading →

Practicing Proper Maintenance with Moonlighting

After Moonlighting was called in for a recent service call, our service technician noticed a furry little friends contributions to the landscape lighting. A squirrel had been relentlessly gnawing on the wiring that was mounted on the tree, powering a down light. Seeing the condition of the wire after it was brought back to the... Continue Reading →

Service Made Simple with Moonlighting

We've just updated our website to  allow our customers the option of requesting a landscape lighting service online.  Simply visit the "service request" section of our website and fill out our new online service request form.  Our office will be sure to contact you within the next business day to promptly schedule your service!  

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