Frank Lloyd Wright, Landscape Lighting Innovator?

Frank Lloyd Wright

On a recent trip to Arizona to attend the annual AOLP conference, Moonlighting principles Mike Rollins and Doug Wickenhoefer visited the world famous Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West home. Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most prolific architects in American history. He was revolutionary in his designs as he went against the norm of what we consider “everyday” architecture. Wright embraced the organic aspect and encouraged site specific construction. Wright was a Wisconsin native where his first project Taliesin I was constructed. He was brought to Arizona by a former student that asked him to take part in the design and construction of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. There was much opposition but his design would be accepted. The Arizona Biltmore Hotel is now the only hotel in the world with a Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design.

After his experience in Arizona,  he would eventually design and build Taliesin West.  Wright built Taliesin West as a winter retreat to escape to brutal Wisconsin winters. It was designed and built by both him and his loyal students, and would eventually become an architectural monument. Today, Taliesin West is used as a museum and a display of Wrights architectural unique style.

Mike and Doug toured Taliesin West and noticed how not only was Wright a architectural innovator, he was a also ahead of his time when it came to lighting. It was seen in several areas of the property ways that Wright incorporated lighting into his landscape.

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