Moonlighting Aiding in the Sea Pines Road Map 2020

The CSA (Community Services Association) of Sea Pines decided to begin the process of creating a master plan to enhance the overall appearance of the community. The community has seen little change aesthetically  since founder Charles Fraser sold the first lot in 1958. Fraser’s original vision was to embrace the natural beauty that the island possessed and to design the landscape and the architecture of the island  around that beauty. The lowcountry is famous for it’s winding creeks, beautiful native live oaks, intriguing wildlife and scenic landscapes… all elements that are embraced and observed by it’s residents daily.

Moonlighting President, Michael Rollins presenting to the Sea Pines Community

After three days of collecting information from security officials, maintenance officials and even residents, our findings were explained in a”town hall” themed meeting that encouraged all members of the community to attend. This meeting gave the team members the opportunity to present their preliminary ideas and results of there investigating.  It would also give the opportunity to present the first layer of  potential ideas on how to improve all aspects of the project.  President Michael Rollins spoke on behalf of Moonlighting and emphasized on the fact that the lighting should stay consistent with Fraser’s theme and that the lighting should continue to adopt the “Dark Sky” principles that are currently set in place. Rollins introduced the idea of highlighting some new areas within the community to help illuminate some of the natural beauty. After the meeting had concluded  tables were set up for the individual team members. Community members in attendance were encouraged to offer their suggestions and opinions of each aspect of the project. Moonlighting collected some tremendous feedback from the residents and will incorporate many of the ideas into overall lighting plan. When asked about Moonlighting’s role in the Road Map 2020 Project, Rollins explained “We’re really looking forward to working with the Sea Pines Community and Design Works on the new lighting plan for the Sea Pines. The residents and the CSA have been so helpful with their input on what they would like to see accomplished.  It’s exciting to be a part of this project and we look forward to putting together a plan that will reflect a more modern feel, while at the same time respecting the original vision of Charles Fraser.”

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