Getting Creative with Moonlighting

For this particular lighting design we were presented an opportunity to exercise our creativity. The focal point of the landscape was a very unique fountain . Due to the fountains location, shape, and size it would not allow for the common techniques of up lighting or down lighting. The fountain was a real compliment to the homes contemporary architectural design.  It would take a  creative touch to truly accomplish the homeowners aspirations of seeing this fountain become a part of his landscape at night.

After close collaboration with the client, we ultimately  decided to create a custom fixture that would cast a soft light over the top of the fountain. We drew a sketch and brought it to our good friends at Unique Lighting Designs and Metalworks. We developed several prototypes and with our clients input we found the perfect shape that would compliment the contemporary architecture and style of the home and fountain. With this design the fixture would not compete with the beauty of the fountain.  The fixture was skillfully crafted out of copper, stainless steel and brass. After the fixture was constructed at Unique Lighting Design and Metalworks we brought it back to our shop for some further modifications for the preparation of the install.

In the end the final product was exactly what the client was looking for. At Moonlighting we embrace specialty projects such as these. It’s always fun for us to find new and innovative ways of lighting a landscape.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Moonlighting

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  1. why didnt you just use 2 mr11 or mr16 bullets with extra long shrouds and do a cross pattern with the shrouds turned sideways to stop glair. that way you could have even used colered lenes

    1. Thanks for checking out our post! Unfortunately with that technique, up lighting the fountain would not have been successful. The fountain was located in a very narrow planting bed, therefore light being cast from the ground would not have covered the top half of the sphere. Lighting from the top gave the client a better chance of viewing their fountain from inside their home and capturing the full picture.

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