Moonlighting Installs an Authentic Post Light

Authentic Post Lights at Wellesley College

A very important element to the landscape lighting for the Gates residence was the installation a of a very important post light. This was no ordinary post light as it had much deeper meaning to the homeowner. After her service as President of the Alumni Association at Wellesley College, Laura Gates was awarded a decommissioned post light for her contributions. Mrs. Gates wanted to find a creative way to incorporate this post light into her new landscape at her home. After collaborating with the landscape architects at Wertimer and Associates and Mrs. Gates we found the perfect location. It would be mounted along the driveway upon entrance to the property. That way every time Mrs. Gates pulled into her driveway that light would provide not only a source of light but also a fond memory of the past and her time at Wellesley College.

This authentic post light came attached with  many years of history as it was installed the same year that Wellesley College was established in 1870.  Before the light was to be installed it would require some work and restoration to bring it back to its original state. This is where Robert and Lindsay Macleod of Khalima Lights would step in to contribute to the project. Lindsay Macleod described the project as fun,” because they were able to work with such an old structure and help bring it back to life for the enjoyment of the client.” We asked what all was involved in the restoration and Lindsay explained that since the post was actually in such good condition structurally that it made the whole process a lot easier. It was sanded down to it’s original state and re-painted. The staff at Khalima also replaced the entire electrical within the fixture to a more modern set up.

Once the post light was completed it was time for a successful installation. We collaborated with a stone mason to pour a concrete form that the post would be sturdily mounted on. We also worked with the electricians to help tie the light in at the home. The light is now controlled inside the home on a switch making the light easy to turn on and off. After the electrical was successfully installed we were able to set the post and then…there would be light! This project was great to be a part of as we were able to help this memory of the past for Mrs. Gates become a new focal point in her landscape. We asked Mrs. Gates her thoughts about the project and she stated  “This was such a great project! It was a great display of local artisans and businesses at their finest. Khalima rejuvenated my light and worked with Moonlighting to ensure a successful installation. Local businesses and collaboration doesn’t get any better than this.”

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