Another Successful Moonlighting Express Package Installed

The perfect way to compliment a newly installed or renovated landscape is to add a little light to it. Why let your landscape become lost in the night when Moonlighting Express is here to help! We guarantee an affordable, quality product installed to perfection. Our staff is trained to install our systems with “little feet.” We honor the beauty of your landscape and respect your plantings and structures by carefully weaving our way through established perennials as well as around existing hardscape. Our philosophy has always been to leave the garden better than how we found it.

Our latest Moonlighting Express package was installed locally in West Ashley. The lighting addition would finalize a newly renovated landscape. The client was looking to highlight several existing elements as well as some of the new additions to her landscape. During our site visit we determined that the focal point of the landscape was an existing river birch tree that would light exceptionally well. The new plantings that were introduced in the renovation would help compliment this large tree and balance the overall lighting layout.

After selecting one of our signature 6-Light Packages, this new landscape is now flourishing to its fullest potential! Contact Moonlighting today for more information on how your landscape can benefit with the addition of landscape lighting.

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