Moonlighting Helps Complete an Elegant Daniel Island Landscape

Upon our initial meeting with Paul B. he expressed that he was looking to put the final touch on his new landscape. This was the the final step towards completion of a self designed and self installed landscape project. He felt that the addition of a landscape lighting system would be just what the yard needed in terms of overall curb appeal. When we asked Paul how long it took for him to design this elaborate landscape, he jokingly replied… “Honestly, I just winged it. The plan was all in my head.” He had a few ideas of what he wanted to see accomplished in his landscape lighting. He entrusted in Moonlighting to design a plan that would really draw your eye to the home at night, but at the same time demonstrate the same soft and elegant feel that the landscape provides during the day time.

The property possessed many dark areas  at the front entrance, sides of the home and garage area. Luckily these dark areas were supported by several forms of very “lightable” landscape. With the help of some beautiful, native live oaks, planted Crape Myrtles and Palmettos we were able to eliminate these dark areas in our design. The landscape lighting would unveil the true beauty and form of the trees, and landscape below during the night hours. Moonlighting utilized several types of fixtures ranging from up-lighting, down lighting from within the trees and step lighting to help captivate everything that the landscape embodied.

In regards to the landscape lighting installed at his home, Paul commented…

“Moonlighting did such a wonderful job on the landscape lighting installation at our home. I really appreciate the thought that went into our lighting design and the care that you guys took to not disturb any of the existing landscape. After it was all said and done, the attention to detail, superior customer service, and an unrivaled lighting design make Moonlighting the best in town! Thanks again for your hard work, it was definitely the “icing on the cake” to our landscape project.”

Paul B.
Daniel Island, South Carolina

We thank Paul for allowing Moonlighting to design and install the landscape lighting at his  home. Contact Moonlighting and see how your landscape can be enhanced today!

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