Moonlighting Welcomes Fall!

Today officially marks the first day of fall! Say goodbye to the long hot “dog days” of summer and embrace the cooler temperatures. Fall will be a very welcomed season here at Moonlighting as we have truly experienced a summer for the record books! According to the National Weather Service, In 2010 Charleston endured the hottest summer on record since 1938 with daily temperatures averaging 83.1 degrees. A period of time where temperatures reached or exceeded 90 degrees on 74 different days!  Fall is a great season to admire your landscape lighting as Daylight savings time comes to an end with longer nights to follow. Time clocks should be adjusted accordingly to the change in time. Moonlighting is just a phone call away to assist you with any adjustments or enhancements needing to be made to your landscape lighting system this season. We wanted help cool you off with some cool pictures of last winters “blizzard” in Charleston! Owner Mike Rollins was able to capture several snap shots of the rare winter downfall along with several displays of landscape lighting . Call Moonlighting today for your fall addition of landscape lighting!

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